They Don’t Need to Be…

People can feel stressed, depressed, upset, awkward … or maybe they’re just “different.”

They don’t need to be locked up: Over 2 million involuntarily committed to psychiatric institutions.

They don’t need to be restrained: Over 195,000 incidents of forcible or deadly restraint.

They don’t need to be poisoned: Over 8 million adverse drug reactions (over the past decade) harming 350,000 children under 5.

They don’t need to be electrocuted: Over 55,000 deaths from shock treatment (ECT).

They don’t need to be diagnosed with disorders for which there is no biological test.

Psychiatry diagnoses: 675,000,000.

Psychiatry rakes in: $334 billion every year.

For: Zero cures. Zero results. Zero help.

Help us end psychiatric abuse.

Psychiatry: Hooking Your World on Drugs