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Behind Terrorism: Psychiatry Manupulating Minds


Behind Terrorism: Psychiatry Manipulating Minds


The terrorist attacks on the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington, DC on September 11, 2001, will never be forgotten: the airplanes exploding into flames as they hit buildings; people leaping from the burning wreckage to certain death; firemen rushing into the crumbling towers only to become victims themselves; large swaths of lower Manhattan reduced to smoking rubble. A stunned world watched the news footage over and over, trying to come to grips with the criminal mind that could conceive of such a plan, much less execute it.

Unthinkably violent acts like this shock us all. What kind of person could be so cold-hearted and destructive—and be willing to give up his own life in the process? What kind of mindset methodically plans and executes mass murder—with utter disregard for humanity? Yet some “experts” claim that today’s terror merchants are no more irrational than you or I—that we all have “demons” within.

Beware these experts, because their claims are blatant falsehoods. Terrorism is created; it is not human nature. Suicide bombers are made, not born. Ultimately, terrorism is the result of madmen bent on destruction, and these madmen are often the result of psychiatric or psychological techniques aimed at mind and behavioral control. Suicide bombers are not rational—they are weak and pliant individuals psychologically indoctrinated to murder innocent people without compassion, with no concern for the value of their own lives. They are manufactured assassins.

Part of that process involves the use of mind-altering psychiatric drugs. Consider the roots of the word “assassin.” In the year 1090, Hasan ibn al-Sabbah founded a terrorist group called the Ismaili Order in a mountain fortress south of the Caspian Sea. To train followers as killers, they were first drugged unconscious, then taken to a beautiful garden filled with luxuries and women. They were woken to enjoy the “delights” and then drugged again and returned to the “Grand Master” overseeing their training. He would assure them they had never left his side but had merely experienced a taste of the paradise that awaited them if they successfully carried out a killing assignment. Because of the heavy use of hashish to accomplish the intoxication, the killers became known as “Hashishiyn” (from Arabic, “user of hashish”), and later “Assassins.”

The Japanese “kamikaze” pilots who launched suicide attacks against Allied shipping during World War II used amphetamines to override their natural impulse to survive. Amphetamine side effects include psychosis, euphoria and combativeness.

Beverly Eakman, author and educator says, “Unspeakable acts of terror, torture, and mass murder are not so much the results of individuals who have lost their minds as they are of individuals who have lost their conscience. The heinous suicide attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are traced to Osama bin Laden and…bin Laden’s chief mentor is a former psychiatrist.…It would not be the first time psychiatrists had served as the manipulators behind charismatic, but essentially weak and flawed, human beings—systematically feeding their hatreds [and] stroking their egos—until eventually even the most barbaric act may appear plausible and rational in the name of some twisted cause.”

From Hitler’s “Final Solution” in Germany and the unthinkable “ethnic cleansing” and terrorist purges in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s, to today’s suicide bombers, the world has suffered greatly at the hands of programmed assassins and genocidal maniacs.

This report reveals hidden key players in the alarming and explosive upsurge in terrorism today—psychiatrists and psychologists. Publicly exposing this destructive source behind terrorism provides insight and solutions to an otherwise incomprehensible and devastating phenomenon.


Jan Eastgate
President, Citizens Commission
on Human Rights International

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