Official Booklets free online from CCHR

These booklets may be downloaded and offer additional information about psychiatric drugging and abuse of children and the side effects of psychiatric drugs.

Psychiatric Drugs & Your Child’s Future

This easy-to-read 16-page booklet asks parents to become aware of their options, question the information psychiatrists and doctors give them, including how they’ve determined a child has a “chemical imbalance” in the brain requiring a psychotropic drug. Psychiatric Drugs & Your Child's Future doesn’t dictate what parents must do; it tells them to use their best parental judgment. However, to do this, they need to first be informed.

The Silent Death of America’s Children

Today, the mental health treatment of our young is a life-or-death gamble and, given the growing number of fatalities, a roll of the dice not to be taken lightly. No longer is it a question of whether children die from psychiatric treatments, but rather whose child will be next. It is a question of whether parents are willing to bet their child’s life on subjective psychiatric diagnoses and dangerous mind-altering drugs and treatments.

The Side Effects of Common Psychiatric Drugs

While this website provides fact sheets about the side effects of psychiatric drugs, this booklet includes a time line of drug regulatory warnings that provides information all consumers should be aware of and ignore at their own peril.

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free by clicking here.

Psychiatry: Hooking Your World on Drugs