Protect Yourself Against Misdiagnosis and Abuse

This Psychiatric Diagnosis Abuse Report Form is for your protection. You can fill out this form and provide it to your legal representative to take further action.

Anyone diagnosed with a psychiatric (mental) disorder has the right to informed consent before any treatment is undertaken. Unlike diagnoses for medical conditions, psychiatrists do not have blood tests or any other biological tests to ascertain the presence or absence of a mental illness. It is important to know that according to one state government medical manual, “Mental health professionals working within a mental health system have a professional and a legal obligation to recognize the presence of physical disease in their patients and to rule out any physical condition causing a patient’s mental disorder.”

Psychiatrists rarely conduct thorough physical examinations to rule out medical conditions, thereby misdiagnosing the patient. This can result in inappropriate and dangerous treatment, added to the fact that the real underlying medical condition is left untreated.

Further, if a psychiatrist asserts that your mental condition is caused by a “chemical imbalance” in the brain or is a neurobiological disorder, you have the right to ask for the lab test or other test to prove the accuracy of that diagnosis.

Provide a copy of this form to your attorney, another to your insurance carrier and/or government insurance. If you are currently in the military, provide a copy to your chaplain and legal representative. Also submit this form to CCHR. In this way, we can assist you in taking any further action.
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