1. Order copies of this DVD and get it to as many healthcare professionals and attorneys as possible. Friends, family, activist groups and government policy makers should also get a copy.
  2. If you learn of any adverse after-effects from ECT, make sure it’s reported to your national regulatory agency. You can also make a confidential report to CCHR.
  3. Inform your Senators and congressmen of the need for mental health law reform. Full informed consent should be mandatory for anyone deemed mentally ill and a candidate for any mental health treatment. Push for a permanent ban of ECT.
  4. Regulatory agencies and boards that govern psychiatrists and mental health professionals can investigate and revoke a mental health practitioner’s license to practice in severe cases of negligence, malpractice and abuse. File such complaints with these bodies so as to expose violations of the code of practice for healthcare professionals.
  5. Psychiatrists do not limit their abuse of patients to electroconvulsive therapy. If you know of any psychiatrist or psychologist who has committed a sexual offense, financial irregularity, malpractice, fraud or any crime, report this to the police and to CCHR.
  6. Remember: There are no medical tests (X-rays, brain scans, blood tests, etc.) that can validate any of the claims made in psychiatry. However, legitimate medical doctors have many scientific tests that can detect untreated physical disease manifesting as a “psychiatric condition.” If you or anyone you know is experiencing mental disturbance, ensure a thorough and non-psychiatric medical exam is conducted.
Psychiatry: Hooking Your World on Drugs