The Palace of Bonde is the current seat of the Supreme Court of Sweden.
Thanks to the heightened awareness of drug dangers, justice was served in Sweden.

The Supreme Court of Sweden recently ruled in a landmark case that one parent cannot legally put a child on psychotropic drugs without the full consent of the other, thereby affirming a parent’s right to protect his child.

After two divorced parents put their son on Concerta, the father observed the drug’s severe side effects and demanded his son be taken off it. The mother insisted the boy stay on the drug, at the encouragement of psychiatric-influenced social authorities. While the father won an initial court case on the matter, the mother appealed to a higher administrative court that overthrew the decision, permitting the coercive drugging of their child.

The father persisted for the sake of his son’s future, appealing to the Swedish Supreme Court, where justice was served. All arguments put forth by psychiatrists in the court were rejected outright, and shown to be secondary to the fundamental right of a parent to decide what is best for his own child. As a result of the ruling, one dissenting parent can now prevent child-drugging throughout the Swedish nation.

In the decade leading up to the case, CCHR Sweden had been engaged in an all-out assault on the psychiatric over-drugging of youth, educating the population on the dangerous side effects of psychotropics through media, newsletters and documentary mailings to some 16,000 across the Swedish social and political structure.


Here’s why CCHR fights to restore rights and raise public awareness on the dangers of psych drugs.


“I witnessed my grandson’s horrific personality changes as a result of being placed on high powered psychotropics. It was only after a careful weaning that he’s returned to his sweet-spirited self. While drugged, he was extremely violent and unpredictable. Now, he’s a normal 9-year-old with a kind heart. The drugs absolutely made him violent beyond control.”


“I am an LPC [Licensed Private Counselor] in Texas. I’ve watched my daughter go through terrible side effects from her bipolar meds. After devouring your website and educating myself and looking at the research—you’ve won me over! Due to this paradigm shift, I have completely changed the way I operate my private counseling practice! I have now partnered with a natural health practitioner who uses homeopathy and I have seen great progress in my daughter and my patients! I continue trying to educate my co-workers and other therapists. Slowly, as my daughter has come off the meds, we see glimpses of the girl we used to know.”


“After my first time of coming to the Industry of Death museum, I had my brother be pulled out of therapy due to him being on antidepressants, and being made to feel less than what he is. He is a very smart, brilliant boy and medicine made him slow, sick and angry to the point where he would isolate himself. I’m just glad that he is now okay and happier than ever and more interested with life. Thank you very much for all the work that you guys do. You are helping many.”


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